Thursday, October 01, 2009

Problem in the bee hive

One of my hives is suddenly queenless. Yellow jackets are everywhere, including inside the hive. AND I have something funky going on with the pollen. That's shadows in the shot above, not raggedy comb. I took the pic in bright daylight with the sun directly behind me (so I could see into the cells). I avoided catching my own shadow as best I could but alas.

I'm going to consult with a guy in my bee keeper club about whether I should re-queen or combine the queenless hive with the other one.

I replaced my screen inner cover, which allows access along both sides of the entire length, with a solid inner cover, which allows access only at one small point in the front. I also put an entrance reducer in place. This way the honey bees only have to defend against the yellow jackets in a couple of strategic locations, rather than across the entire entrance and down both long sides of the inner cover. Makes it harder to bring in pollen but I think we're in crisis mode at the moment.

And I have *no* idea what this stuff is on the pollen. Looks like mold or fungus of some sort. Going to ask my bee keeper guy about that, too, and consult the folks on the beekeeping forum at Homesteading Today. My stress meter just jumped :(


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